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Talking about Meanings of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a kind of chalcedony that exudes a bright green, often mistaken for jade. It is best known for its ability to bring happiness and confidence to the one holding it, allowing both their emotions and hearts to be balanced. Embark with me on a journey as we look at all the different meanings of chrysoprase and how it can benefit your life.

What is Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase is the name of the green variety of chalcedony, which is a type of quartz. This particular gem is a beautiful granny smith apple green, and receives its color from traces of nickel in the mineral. Additionally, green chalcedony can also be derived if the mineral is mixed with chromium too.

Chrysoprase is an opaque stone, so you won’t see it in gem shapes like other healing crystals. Instead, its normally found as a polished cabochon. Chrysoprase finds its value in the richness and saturation of its green hues.

The best chrysoprase gems are going to be a bright apple green. Have you ever had one of those caramel apple pops that seem to hit grocery shelves around Halloween? That color green is the color a high-quality chrysoprase.

Chrysoprase Meaning in History

Like all gems and minerals, chrysoprase has its own history throughout our world in different cultures. This pretty gem gets its name from the Greek words “chrysos,” meaning gold, and “prasinon”, meaning green.


In Greek mythology, chrysoprase was called the Stone of Venus because it was believed to complement the stance of Divine Love of Truth. Truthfulness to oneself is actually a property of chrysoprase.

There is a popular story told by Albert Magnus, of Greece, about chrysoprase being a stone worn by Alexander the Great. The story goes to say that he loved chrysoprase so much, he wore the stone in his belt while fighting. He said it helped him win his battles.

The story goes on to say that Alexander the Great stopped to bathe in a river. He had tossed his belt nearby in the grass. A snake was entranced by the stone a bit it. Realizing it wasn’t food, the snake spat it into the water. Alexander was never able to find the stone, and he never won a battle afterward.


In the Christian religion, chrysoprase is referred to as the 10th stone in foundation of New Jerusalem, talked about in the bible. Now, it is a little conflicting as many of the translations name the stone as turquoise. Turquoise, is obviously a different stone, but many think it is referred to as the stone color, not the technical name. The passage is in Revelations 21:19-20.

Historical Uses

Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all used chrysoprase in ornamental jewelry and décor. It could be seen in seals, signet jewelry, and captured in carved statues as well. They were all drawn by its bright green coloring, which made it a favorite for stand-out décor.

Uses for chrysoprase weren’t very common beyond ornamental until around the Middle Ages. Then, there were some pretty interesting uses. For instance, at one point, it was thought that by putting it inside the mouth, you’d become invisible. Since then, this theory has been disproven, obviously. But wouldn’t that be something?

Another theory was that if the color of chrysoprase faded once placed inside the mouth, that meant that there was poison present. This is another theory that has been disproven.

During the middle ages, much of the world’s earliest chrysoprase deposit was in Poland. Mining continued from then up until the 1980s at that deposit. It shut down for a while and resumed use in 2010.

Most of the chrysoprase we see today is coming from Australia. However, there are deposits found all over the world. Chrysoprase has been seen in places like Brazil, Slovakia, Tanzania, India, and Russia.

Chrysoprase Meaning in the Jewelry Market

When looking for chrysoprase from a collecting or jewelry buying perspective, there are different qualities in a stone that are desirable. We’ve talked about how the color of a chrysoprase is pertinent to the quality of a good chrysoprase. Let’s dive into that a bit more.


The best colored chrysoprase are a medium bright green. If the stone is too light, you’ll see some of the secondary hues. The secondary hues are yellow and blue in chrysophase, but you don’t want to see the yellow. Chrysoprases that are yellow are undesirable and not considered top-notch.

If the blue secondary shows more, that’s a little better. Blue is still better than yellow. You can sometimes find aqua-colored chrysoprase on the market as well.


A quality chrysoprase shouldn’t contain any inclusions. It is a very common mineral found in large quantities. This makes it easier for lapidaries, or gem cutters, to fashion stones out of.

Sometimes, chrysoprase is actually wanted with inclusions. When you come across chrysoprase with inclusions, they are often unique and pretty patterns.


Chrysoprase is a cryptocrystalline, which means that it is a crystal made up of thousands of tiny crystals. However, they don’t have the typical structure you see in crystals like quartz, so it is not a transparent stone.

This is why you won’t see chrysoprase in a gem form, but usually as cabochon or even carved. Chrysoprase has been used in cameos and artwork as well as jewelry. Another similar stone to this would be turquoise. You never see that in gem form either.


There really isn’t a difference in price with chrysoprase. You’re more likely to see larger carat weights with chrysoprase, as it is popular for larger statement jewelry. Because there is an abundance of chrysoprase found in the world, it is easy for everyone to purchase higher carat weights of this stone.

However, the larger the stone, it is harder to discern the milky transparency of color. Finding one that does retain its translucence might peak in price.

Chrysoprase Meaning in Crystal Healing

When it comes to the practice of crystal healing, chrysoprase is an exceptional stone with a ton of different positive properties. Let’s check out the different meanings and powers this stone has.

Chrysoprase and the Chakras

Every crystal has a chakra or chakras that they align with. By placing the right crystal with its corresponding chakra, energy is transmitted between the two. Chrysoprase connects best with two of the seven chakras: the Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra

These two chakras are very similar to each other as they both harness your intuition and emotions. They also both deal with how you see yourself, your self-esteem, and ambitions. These chakras help keep you centered and balanced.


Chrysoprase & the Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is one of the most difficult chakras to balance, as it is the powerhouse for emotions like love, passion, and kindness. When this chakra is unbalanced, things can be quite chaotic.

When a chakra is unbalanced, it can be overactive just like a baby can be overstimulated. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

In the case of the Heart Chakra, when its overbalanced, you can make some pretty questionable and sometimes dangerous decisions all in the name of following your heart. You can attach yourself to people who might not be good for your energy, and not be able to discern through infatuation.

Similarly, when the Heart Chakra is underbalanced, the presence of love is all but a distant memory. A damaged Heart Chakra can make one cold, bitter, and angry. You no longer see the beauty of things and people that once meant a great deal to you, don’t mean much anymore.

Thankfully, we have healing stones like Chrysoprase that can help balance your Heart Chakra. Your Heart Chakra is very difficult to stay balanced, as the matter of the heart is always changing. The Heart Chakra is associated with green color stones, making Chrysoprase an excellent choice for the heart.

The powers of Chysoprase’s abilities to mend a broken heart, promote new love, and other relating characteristics are given more energy when the stone is connected to the Heart Chakra. Chrysoprase used here is helpful in mending the heart from a painful breakup, childhood abuse, help you heal and keeps the love flowing within you.

Chrysoprase & the Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is where we contain other matters of the heart, like our dreams and ambitions, and our self-worth. Your whole identity and personality lies within this chakra.

It is located in the diaphragm. By placing a chrysoprase stone on the Solar Plexus chakra, you can bring balance to that chakra.

While the green of chrysoprase does go best with the Heart Chakra, it can still be very helpful to the Solar Plexus chakra. Think of it as a secondary chakra. The happiness of chrysoprase can connect to the place of self-confidence within the Solar Plexus Chakra.

All of our gut feelings and intuition are channeled by the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is also where your inner strength is drawn from. The Solar Plexus Chakra is essentially the core of you as a person.

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is overactive, we tend to over-control. Because it is the chakra in which we mold ourselves too, we start to try to mold others into what we think they should be as well. Unpleasant tendencies like micromanaging and being a control-freak.

If its underactive, you’ll be pretty much the exact opposite of confident: insecure. You will start questioning everything around you, overthinking, and reading into situations that aren’t at all what you’re making them. It will evoke the needy and indecisiveness out of you.

Chrysoprase Emotional Healing Properties

When using chrysoprase’s emotional and mental healing properties, this stone is sure to aid in many difficult conditions that affect the mind and emotions. For those that struggle with anger and resentment toward life in general, this stone can help bring out the positive and dissuade you from rage.

Chrysoprase keeps away feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, and presents you with mental clarity. For those that struggle with co-dependence, it can give allow you to feel secure and safe, confident in your own abilities. Perhaps most useful of all, chrysoprase is said to be able to mend a broken heart.

Chrysoprase Physical Healing Properties

In addition to its many emotional and mental healing properties, chrysoprase has quite a few physical healing properties as well. All around, this is a great stone for healing with all illnesses.

Chrysoprase specializes in healing eyesight issues and help with balancing hormones. For better sleep, you can place the stone under your pillow. It’s been said chrysoprase has the power to speed healing if placed over the pained area.

Taking Care of Your Chrysoprase

Now that you know all of the meanings and uses of this beautiful and powerful stone, you’ll want to take excellent care of your very own chrysoprase. Whether you’re getting it in the form of wearable jewelry, unset cabochon, or in the form of art, you’ll want to keep it in tip-top shape.

Durability of Chrysoprase

The first thing you need to know, especially if you’re wearing it as jewelry, is the durability of the stone. As a mineral, chrysoprase reaches a 6.5-7 on the Moh mineral scale of hardness. If you don’t know, that is the general scale on which all durability of minerals is measured. The highest is a diamond, which is a 10 on the Moh scale.

Resilience of Chrysoprase

It’s been said that if left in direct exposure of the sunlight too long, chrysoprase’s bright green starts to fade. This is partially true. Some chrysoprase will fade in sunlight, but not all. As long as the chrysoprase is 100% natural and untreated, it will not fade.

Even though there’s no real difference in price, you will likely come across dyed chrysoprase. Dyed chrysoprase will be less expensive, but there’s not a huge difference. These dyes are used to give the stone better saturation and brighter color.

Cleaning Chrysoprase

Cleaning this stone is very simple. It can be cleaned using mild soap and water. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean away any dirt. If you decided to opt for a professional jewelry cleaner, make sure you are using one compatible with the type of metal it is set in. It can also be used in ultrasonic cleaners.


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about meanings of the gorgeous green stone of chrysoprase. Chrysoprase is the perfect stone for the person who feels they have lost themselves to the trauma of their lives. If you need a revamping and renewing of your confidence, mending of your heart, and a whole new outlook of self-worth, chrysoprase will have great meaning for you!

best memory foam mattress

Learning about the best memory foam mattresses in the global market can be a great thing to do, especially when you purpose to purchase a new and reliable mattress. Thorough assessment and analysis of memory foam mattresses will always serve as a prerequisite condition for an individual to pick the most convenient product in the shop. It is also crucial to understand the type of mattresses that don’t provide positive results to users so that you can avoid them once and for all.

New brands of memory foam mattresses usually emerge from a wide range of industries and companies each year. Therefore, you need to understand the manufacturers in detail so that you don’t end up purchasing a product that will cost you in the future. Note that, those people who are not conversant with materials, sales statistics, and terminologies normally find it challenging to purchase an item that fully suits their needs. There exists various memory foam mattresses in the world, picking the best can sometimes be more challenging. You need to carry adequate research so that you will have an easy time identifying your product.

Having mentioned that, the following is a comprehensive review of the best memory foam mattress that is found in the world economy.

1. Nectar

Nectar is one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States of America that manufactures memory foam mattress. This brand is the best and suits the needs of every sleeper.

The most interesting thing about this brand is that once you purchase it from a shop, it usually comes with two free premium pillows of Nectar. The pillows are placed within the memory foam mattress.

The company also allows its clients to experience a one hundred and eighty night trial of their product. You can quickly return the memory foam mattress to the company if you are not fully pleased with it. Note that this order usually happens to those who purchase this product from Amazon. It is almost three months extra than the normal standard of the industry.

Nectar’s forever warranty is outstanding. As a loyal customer, Nectar guarantees you a lifetime warranty as long as you own their memory foam mattress. Besides, the mattress provides efficient coolness, comfort, and breathability. It can mold one’s body hence relieving pains and aches of an individual. It also exhibits cooling properties, regulating heat in a room.


  • It offers neutrality of temperature in a room
  • It provides effective firmness level
  • It is cool


  • The firmness might be too firm for certain individuals hence inconvenient.

2. Plush bed

The plush bed mattress is manufactured in the United States of America, where they are designed uniquely. The brand is of high quality; also, the company is determined as it ensures that distribution and manufacturing processes are done quickly and efficiently. The standard of this memory foam is one of its kinds.

This brand is widely known for its ability to offer superior relief of pressure. It exhibits sufficient bodyweight supply by minimizing pressure points, offering adequate support to an individual hip, knees, shoulders, and back.

The plush bed mattress is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t release harmful odors or gases to the atmosphere. Additionally, its manufacturers make good use of high-quality materials in manufacturing them in the industry.

Moreover, this mattress provides world-class periods of sleep cooler. Their elastic channels usually heat away instead of behaving like an insulator. The product is also designed uniquely. The cell structure ensures that your mattress maintains and keeps its shape for a longer period.


  • It is certified and approved by Green Guard Gold
  • It is environmental friendly
  • It has a hypoallergenic design
  • It offers convenient support
  • It exhibits superior relief of pressure
  • Its construction material can easily be sourced from nature


  • It is slightly expensive

3. Layla

It is one of the best memory foam mattresses that is found in the global market. It provides a copper-infused mattress with firmness alternatives. It is designed from natural materials such as Tempur-proadapt, which enhances its cooling properties. The copper inside this brand allows it to cool while at the same time conserving unique features of this mattress.

Additionally, this brand can absorb all movements when you are asleep, making it the most convenient product for individuals who turn aimlessly on the bed. It can also serve couples well.

Layla is not convenient for those who sleep with their stomachs on the bed. It is one of the most affordable memory foam mattresses in the market. The manufacturer usually gives one hundred and twenty sleep trials for its customers. Furthermore, they offer a lifetime warranty for their product. Isn’t that good? This is an excellent deal in the market.

This mattress has a thermo gel-infused cover that offers an outstanding heat distribution and night sleep that is very cool. This feature also ensures that your body temperature is well regulated during sleep time. It allows you to sleep comfortably.


  • It offers a superior pressure relief
  • It is an affordable mattress in the market
  • It exhibits cooling properties
  • It is flippable hence able to deliver to you the comfort you require


  • Only offers fair edge support
  • It is subject to break after two weeks
  • Inconvenient for people who sleep with their stomach on the bed

4. Puffy

This brand gives clients the option to pick two of their products in the market. They come in 2 different mattresses, namely, Puffy Lux and Puffy. Note that, Puffy Lux usually comes with an extra foam layer. The puffy version comes with 3 layers. They have durable pockets that offer enough support to mattresses.

If you are that person who always encounters back pain, a puffy mattress is there to relief you from that challenge. The mattress can relieve your pain as it allows you to sleep comfortably on your bed. This brand is outstanding in noise isolation and motion.


  • It offers superior motion isolation
  • It is budget-friendly
  • It is noiseless
  • It provides superb relief pain


  • It provides neutrality of temperature that is just average
  • It is irresponsive
  • Some offer weak edge support

5. Tempur-Pedic

The tempur-pedic mattress has all you need to make your sleep comfortable. It can easily reduce noise, motion isolation, and above all, the mattress is conforming. The pro adapts feature that this memory foam mattress has enhances huge temperature neutrality when you sleep. It also provides resilient durability that you require for your mattress to last. The manufacturer comes from the USA and has waterproof properties that offer protection from stains and spills.

This model has thermal sense fabric which offers enough comfort with consistent airflow. This ensures allows users to have maximum relaxation during sleep. It is also easy to wash and can be dried quickly to suit your needs.

Tempur-pro adapts associated with a double-layer cooling cover. This feature ensures that the Tempur-pedic mattress provides an ideal temperature to the room and the mattress by regulating its heat. Therefore, it ensures that your product fails to release more heat that can harm your health.

The company provides a warranty of ten years once you acquire this product from the shop.


  • It gives the options to from several thicknesses, firmness, and design
  • It ensures that there are effective motion isolation and noise reduction
  • It is durable and more conforming
  • It offers excellent temperature neutrality
  • It serves all sleepers hence convenient for individuals with more weight
  • The company provides ninety-night trial


  • It is relatively expensive
  • It offers less off-gassing

6. Loom Leaf

The list could not be complete without a Loom Leaf mattress. It is one of the best mattresses in the world market. Research has shown and proved that this brand is perfect for all sleepers. It lacks restriction on sleeping position because it can serve all people well regardless of your sleeping position.

This mattress is associated with high density and offers required support that easily conforms to your body. It is also made with a non-toxic cooling layer that enhances sleeps cool. It is an eco-friendly mattress that comes with a cotton pillow top.

With its unique features and functionalities, this brand embraces noise reduction and motion isolation. It ensures that users sleep comfortably with less distraction. It also confirms your body well as it allows an individual body to fit well in the mattress while at the same time eradicating painful pressure and back pain points. It is an excellent reliever of pressure in the body.


  • It provides a huge motion isolation
  • It offers noise reduction
  • It is convenient for back pain because of its superb relieve pain
  • It is an excellent mattress because it serves all people well irrespective of their sleeping positions.


  • It leads to heavy sleep rather than warm sleep
  • It offers weak edge support

7. Zinus Green Tea

It is a unique mattress that provides pressure relieving aid during bedtime. It ensures that you sleep with comfort. This is spearheaded with its unmatched features: efficient inches with high-density support: knitted jacquard, core construction, and above all comfort firm.

Zinus green tea mattress is of high quality and meets international standards. This is because the product is certified with CertiPur in the US. It is durable, full of content, and always delivers better performance to users.

Another crucial feature is that this product is integrated with Castor Seed Oil and Tea extract. These ingredients ensure that the mattress retards bacteria and odor. The technology that is shipped here is advanced and ensures that the foam is effectively rolled, shipped, and compressed in the box.

It also comes with a manual where you can get enough information on how to use it.


  • It offers great comfort
  • It is certified with CertiPur
  • It comes with advanced technology


  • It can easily be affected by environmental factors such as cold weather

8. Leesa

The product is outstanding enough as it allows users to experience a memorable night while asleep. It is designed with fibers that enhance the chilling impact of the foam. It also comes with a ventilated layer that provides a cooling environment at night.

Leesa foam encompasses finer details with smooth zipper, quilted zones, and unnoticed seam. They are standard and of high quality.

The brand provides customized support hence allowing people to sleep heavily with fewer struggles. You are given a hundred percent risk-free. The company provides a complete refund policy to buyers, and therefore, you don’t need to get worried the moment you purchase it.


  • It is high-quality foam
  • Convenient for almost all people
  • It offers reduced off-gassing
  • It provides medium firmness


  • It can be inconvenient for side sleepers
  • It is inappropriate for people who love the cool environment

9. Purple

This brand is a blessing to individuals who always experience leg, hip, seat, or back pain. It has been designed with innovative technology and science to enhance motion isolation. Its back case is convenient enough to provide comfort while asleep.

It provides a perfect environment for rest as it can regulate temperature. This foam has breathable channels to ensure that you remain comfortable at night. Additionally, this mattress contains anti-microbial elements that lack artificial germicides. It has hypoallergenic properties that ensure users are safeguarded from dust mites and allergens. Materials sourced to make this foam are non-toxic and are fully certified.


  • It provides excellent temperature neutrality
  • It is a medium-firm
  • It offers efficient motion isolation


  • It is slightly expensive

10. Casper original

This brand contains five premium layers to offer outstanding comfort. The layers enhance contour pressure for breathability and support. It is also designed with advanced technology for recharged mornings and better sleep.

Not to mention, this mattress has breathable cells and wool cover that enhance temperature neutrality in the foam. It hazardous free and certified with CertiPur in the US. The manufacturer also provides a hundred-night trial, risk-free policies to favor the interest of customers and maintaining trust with them.


  • It is designed with quality material
  • It suits all sleepers needs
  • It gives a medium-firm that is convenient
  • It is durable
  • It offers a 100-night trial


  • Inconvenient for hot sleepers.


How Can We Solve The Student Debt Crisis?

Unlike several decades ago where one could secure a good job even with a high school certificate, the majority of good job opportunities in the modern US job market require at least a college diploma certificate. This trend has pushed many families to do whatever they can to ensure that their children reach the highest possible academic levels, according to their capabilities.

Students who can’t afford to raise their college or university fees in full turn to loans, scholarships and grants to cover up the deficit and make their academic dreams come true. Unlike grants and scholarships which are free, loans have to be repaid. Unfortunately, a huge percentage of students who take these loans are unable to repay them when they fall due and this has resulted in a serious student debt crisis.

The US student loan debt is currently over $1.5 trillion, thanks to approximately 45 million borrowers! The figure is higher than that of auto-loans and credit-cards combined.

student loan rise

And guess what…the figure is still growing as more students seek to finance their studies through loans from private lenders as well as the federal government. 

Something needs to be done to address the issue, lest the situation runs out of hand. However,   the statistics leave nearly everyone wondering how the country can free itself from the burden. The U.S learned patriots have been brainstorming about possible effective measures and here are some of their suggestions:  

  • Extension of loan repayment periods

Short loan repayment period is among the major factors that have contributed to the student debt crisis. If you compare the repayment periods given to the American students and those offered to students in some other countries like Sweden, you’ll see that the former is unfavorable.  In Sweden, student loan repayments are spread over a long period of up to 25 years.  England offers an even longer period of 35 years while in Germany is 30 years.

On the other hand, the typical student loan repayment period in the U.S is 10 years only. Therefore, a Swedish, English or a German student pays less installment amounts over a longer period of time while an American has to pay larger sums over a shorter period to settle a borrowed loan. 

That explains why although student loan borrowing in Sweden is  huge as it is in the U.S, Sweden doesn’t have any student like crisis like the U.S.  Besides, unlike in the US where the loan repayment amount is constant, the Swedish repayment schedules allow students to start out low in their repayment and rise gradually with time as their income increases. As such, Swedish students are arable to repay the loans comfortably without having to forego life essentials.

repayment of debt

The rule of thumb in finance is that the length of the period of the repayment of debt should be in accordance with the life of the asset to be financed by the debt. That explains why you’ll be given a shorter period of let’s say 5 years when you want a loan to buy a car than when you are looking for a loan to buy or develop a home. The lifespan of a car is definitely shorter than that of a home. Now, considering the skills and knowledge that one acquires from formal education are lifetime resources, it’ll be sensible if the federal government and states do something to extend the repayment periods of the loans given to students. 

  • Financial literacy

When students are schooling the learning institutions to enroll in, most of them base their choice on prestige, peer pressure and other financial-unrelated factors.  Only a small percentage of them consider affordability and in most cases, a finance-prudent person has something to do with the choice they make.

As high-school students prepare to go to the next level of education, they should be made aware of how their choice of colleges can influence their future financial plans. It’s important for them to know that the loan they take to fund their education has to be paid in future. So, the higher amounts of loan they take, the higher the amount money they’ll have to part with in future to offset the debt.

Students who can’t afford to raise their entire college fees on their own or by their families can avoid huge loan burdens if they are encouraged to choose less expensive colleges which are near their homes.  As long as the colleges and universities can help them achieve their career goals, learners need to know that they can get the same value from the institutions just like what they’d get from prestigious ones. Financial literacy comes in handy for these learners to see their study debts as real and start considering the available lower-cost options.

Besides, students experience difficulty as they try to understand various loan-repayment options as their descriptions are quite confusing. If a student doesn’t have someone to help him or her distinguish the options, he/she might end up making a costly and unaffordable choice.


Besides, when students are applying for these loans, most of them see them like grants, notwithstanding the fact that they’ll be required to pay them back in future. As such, if the learners are equipped with sufficient financial acumen regarding these loans, they’ll be able to make less expensive choices which they can pay back comfortably when they are required to repay.

  • Increase state funds for learning institutions

Following the Great Recession which took place in 2007 and 2008, the funding that public leaning institutions receive from state governments has reduced significantly. To be precise, the funding has declined by nearly $9 billion from 2008.  Colleges and universities are left with no other option apart from putting the burden of their budget deficits on their students. Consequently, the resulting high cost of education force students to take unaffordable loans.

On this note, one of the ways that states can solve student debt crisis is to increase their funding to public education institutions.  When they do so, the institutions will be able to fiancé more of their operations without having to rely on money from students. As such, they’ll charge fewer fees which students will be able to rise without having to take huge loans or any at all.

These are some of the suggestions that could relieve debt crisis in the US if implemented.