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best memory foam mattress

Learning about the best memory foam mattresses in the global market can be a great thing to do, especially when you purpose to purchase a new and reliable mattress. Thorough assessment and analysis of memory foam mattresses will always serve as a prerequisite condition for an individual to pick the most convenient product in the shop. It is also crucial to understand the type of mattresses that don’t provide positive results to users so that you can avoid them once and for all.

New brands of memory foam mattresses usually emerge from a wide range of industries and companies each year. Therefore, you need to understand the manufacturers in detail so that you don’t end up purchasing a product that will cost you in the future. Note that, those people who are not conversant with materials, sales statistics, and terminologies normally find it challenging to purchase an item that fully suits their needs. There exists various memory foam mattresses in the world, picking the best can sometimes be more challenging. You need to carry adequate research so that you will have an easy time identifying your product.

Having mentioned that, the following is a comprehensive review of the best memory foam mattress that is found in the world economy.

1. Nectar

Nectar is one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States of America that manufactures memory foam mattress. This brand is the best and suits the needs of every sleeper.

The most interesting thing about this brand is that once you purchase it from a shop, it usually comes with two free premium pillows of Nectar. The pillows are placed within the memory foam mattress.

The company also allows its clients to experience a one hundred and eighty night trial of their product. You can quickly return the memory foam mattress to the company if you are not fully pleased with it. Note that this order usually happens to those who purchase this product from Amazon. It is almost three months extra than the normal standard of the industry.

Nectar’s forever warranty is outstanding. As a loyal customer, Nectar guarantees you a lifetime warranty as long as you own their memory foam mattress. Besides, the mattress provides efficient coolness, comfort, and breathability. It can mold one’s body hence relieving pains and aches of an individual. It also exhibits cooling properties, regulating heat in a room.


  • It offers neutrality of temperature in a room
  • It provides effective firmness level
  • It is cool


  • The firmness might be too firm for certain individuals hence inconvenient.

2. Plush bed

The plush bed mattress is manufactured in the United States of America, where they are designed uniquely. The brand is of high quality; also, the company is determined as it ensures that distribution and manufacturing processes are done quickly and efficiently. The standard of this memory foam is one of its kinds.

This brand is widely known for its ability to offer superior relief of pressure. It exhibits sufficient bodyweight supply by minimizing pressure points, offering adequate support to an individual hip, knees, shoulders, and back.

The plush bed mattress is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t release harmful odors or gases to the atmosphere. Additionally, its manufacturers make good use of high-quality materials in manufacturing them in the industry.

Moreover, this mattress provides world-class periods of sleep cooler. Their elastic channels usually heat away instead of behaving like an insulator. The product is also designed uniquely. The cell structure ensures that your mattress maintains and keeps its shape for a longer period.


  • It is certified and approved by Green Guard Gold
  • It is environmental friendly
  • It has a hypoallergenic design
  • It offers convenient support
  • It exhibits superior relief of pressure
  • Its construction material can easily be sourced from nature


  • It is slightly expensive

3. Layla

It is one of the best memory foam mattresses that is found in the global market. It provides a copper-infused mattress with firmness alternatives. It is designed from natural materials such as Tempur-proadapt, which enhances its cooling properties. The copper inside this brand allows it to cool while at the same time conserving unique features of this mattress.

Additionally, this brand can absorb all movements when you are asleep, making it the most convenient product for individuals who turn aimlessly on the bed. It can also serve couples well.

Layla is not convenient for those who sleep with their stomachs on the bed. It is one of the most affordable memory foam mattresses in the market. The manufacturer usually gives one hundred and twenty sleep trials for its customers. Furthermore, they offer a lifetime warranty for their product. Isn’t that good? This is an excellent deal in the market.

This mattress has a thermo gel-infused cover that offers an outstanding heat distribution and night sleep that is very cool. This feature also ensures that your body temperature is well regulated during sleep time. It allows you to sleep comfortably.


  • It offers a superior pressure relief
  • It is an affordable mattress in the market
  • It exhibits cooling properties
  • It is flippable hence able to deliver to you the comfort you require


  • Only offers fair edge support
  • It is subject to break after two weeks
  • Inconvenient for people who sleep with their stomach on the bed

4. Puffy

This brand gives clients the option to pick two of their products in the market. They come in 2 different mattresses, namely, Puffy Lux and Puffy. Note that, Puffy Lux usually comes with an extra foam layer. The puffy version comes with 3 layers. They have durable pockets that offer enough support to mattresses.

If you are that person who always encounters back pain, a puffy mattress is there to relief you from that challenge. The mattress can relieve your pain as it allows you to sleep comfortably on your bed. This brand is outstanding in noise isolation and motion.


  • It offers superior motion isolation
  • It is budget-friendly
  • It is noiseless
  • It provides superb relief pain


  • It provides neutrality of temperature that is just average
  • It is irresponsive
  • Some offer weak edge support

5. Tempur-Pedic

The tempur-pedic mattress has all you need to make your sleep comfortable. It can easily reduce noise, motion isolation, and above all, the mattress is conforming. The pro adapts feature that this memory foam mattress has enhances huge temperature neutrality when you sleep. It also provides resilient durability that you require for your mattress to last. The manufacturer comes from the USA and has waterproof properties that offer protection from stains and spills.

This model has thermal sense fabric which offers enough comfort with consistent airflow. This ensures allows users to have maximum relaxation during sleep. It is also easy to wash and can be dried quickly to suit your needs.

Tempur-pro adapts associated with a double-layer cooling cover. This feature ensures that the Tempur-pedic mattress provides an ideal temperature to the room and the mattress by regulating its heat. Therefore, it ensures that your product fails to release more heat that can harm your health.

The company provides a warranty of ten years once you acquire this product from the shop.


  • It gives the options to from several thicknesses, firmness, and design
  • It ensures that there are effective motion isolation and noise reduction
  • It is durable and more conforming
  • It offers excellent temperature neutrality
  • It serves all sleepers hence convenient for individuals with more weight
  • The company provides ninety-night trial


  • It is relatively expensive
  • It offers less off-gassing

6. Loom Leaf

The list could not be complete without a Loom Leaf mattress. It is one of the best mattresses in the world market. Research has shown and proved that this brand is perfect for all sleepers. It lacks restriction on sleeping position because it can serve all people well regardless of your sleeping position.

This mattress is associated with high density and offers required support that easily conforms to your body. It is also made with a non-toxic cooling layer that enhances sleeps cool. It is an eco-friendly mattress that comes with a cotton pillow top.

With its unique features and functionalities, this brand embraces noise reduction and motion isolation. It ensures that users sleep comfortably with less distraction. It also confirms your body well as it allows an individual body to fit well in the mattress while at the same time eradicating painful pressure and back pain points. It is an excellent reliever of pressure in the body.


  • It provides a huge motion isolation
  • It offers noise reduction
  • It is convenient for back pain because of its superb relieve pain
  • It is an excellent mattress because it serves all people well irrespective of their sleeping positions.


  • It leads to heavy sleep rather than warm sleep
  • It offers weak edge support

7. Zinus Green Tea

It is a unique mattress that provides pressure relieving aid during bedtime. It ensures that you sleep with comfort. This is spearheaded with its unmatched features: efficient inches with high-density support: knitted jacquard, core construction, and above all comfort firm.

Zinus green tea mattress is of high quality and meets international standards. This is because the product is certified with CertiPur in the US. It is durable, full of content, and always delivers better performance to users.

Another crucial feature is that this product is integrated with Castor Seed Oil and Tea extract. These ingredients ensure that the mattress retards bacteria and odor. The technology that is shipped here is advanced and ensures that the foam is effectively rolled, shipped, and compressed in the box.

It also comes with a manual where you can get enough information on how to use it.


  • It offers great comfort
  • It is certified with CertiPur
  • It comes with advanced technology


  • It can easily be affected by environmental factors such as cold weather

8. Leesa

The product is outstanding enough as it allows users to experience a memorable night while asleep. It is designed with fibers that enhance the chilling impact of the foam. It also comes with a ventilated layer that provides a cooling environment at night.

Leesa foam encompasses finer details with smooth zipper, quilted zones, and unnoticed seam. They are standard and of high quality.

The brand provides customized support hence allowing people to sleep heavily with fewer struggles. You are given a hundred percent risk-free. The company provides a complete refund policy to buyers, and therefore, you don’t need to get worried the moment you purchase it.


  • It is high-quality foam
  • Convenient for almost all people
  • It offers reduced off-gassing
  • It provides medium firmness


  • It can be inconvenient for side sleepers
  • It is inappropriate for people who love the cool environment

9. Purple

This brand is a blessing to individuals who always experience leg, hip, seat, or back pain. It has been designed with innovative technology and science to enhance motion isolation. Its back case is convenient enough to provide comfort while asleep.

It provides a perfect environment for rest as it can regulate temperature. This foam has breathable channels to ensure that you remain comfortable at night. Additionally, this mattress contains anti-microbial elements that lack artificial germicides. It has hypoallergenic properties that ensure users are safeguarded from dust mites and allergens. Materials sourced to make this foam are non-toxic and are fully certified.


  • It provides excellent temperature neutrality
  • It is a medium-firm
  • It offers efficient motion isolation


  • It is slightly expensive

10. Casper original

This brand contains five premium layers to offer outstanding comfort. The layers enhance contour pressure for breathability and support. It is also designed with advanced technology for recharged mornings and better sleep.

Not to mention, this mattress has breathable cells and wool cover that enhance temperature neutrality in the foam. It hazardous free and certified with CertiPur in the US. The manufacturer also provides a hundred-night trial, risk-free policies to favor the interest of customers and maintaining trust with them.


  • It is designed with quality material
  • It suits all sleepers needs
  • It gives a medium-firm that is convenient
  • It is durable
  • It offers a 100-night trial


  • Inconvenient for hot sleepers.


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